EMERALD PARK are back with their new single "Rules Don’t Apply"

12 July 2019

One of Northern Europe’s most successful bands releasing music under a Creative Commons license, Emerald Park are back after about 4 years of silence. Emerald Park found their audience on the dark side of the internet when they released the album “For Tomorrow” (2008) as a free download back in 2010 - a choice that has given them almost 8 million listeners and over 1 million downloads at Jamendo.com. Thousands have also enjoyed their music in commercials and YouTube videos with various themes. This success brought Emerald Park to the Midem Festival in Cannes and led them to gigs in London (The Cavern), Hamburg, and Amsterdam - just to name a few.

The band hit the pause button in 2016 but are now back with their brand-new single “Rules Don’t Apply”.

“Rules Don’t Apply” was recorded by Mattias Larsson and Linus Lindvall of Cub&Wolf who attempted to find the band’s musical roots; this effort led them to the ‘90s with lots of guitars and fewer synths than in their previous works. The mixing was performed by the band members Daniel Gunneberg and Tobias Borelius who were joined by Ola Frick (Moonbabies) during the last stages of the process to rediscover the sound of “For Tomorrow”. With his final touch the band found what they had been searching for.

The lyrics are about being true and honest to yourself. Everyone around you will notice if you’re not. People hide behind computers and pretending to be someone else or buying things to impress their neighbors, scared of showing who they really are. That’s a shame.

Pour yourself a beer, turn up the volume, and enjoy!

The single “Rules Don’t Apply” is available for free at Bandcamp and Jamendo, as well as stream at Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Amazon and download on various digital retailers.

We just released the new edition of Principe Valiente's highly acclaimed album “Oceans”

21 June 2019

We just released the reissue of Principe Valiente's highly acclaimed album "Oceans". The new special edition comes in a redesigned 6-panel-digipack with all original recordings plus all remixes and versions previously only available as download remastered by Tommy Steuer at TS-Musix Studios, Leipzig (Germany).

You can find the album at Bandcamp, Amazon (CD and download), iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and many more retailers and download/streaming platforms worldwide.

What the press said about “Oceans”

“...like a My Bloody Valentine album cover. The result is appropriately atmospheric and entirely watchable. Who doesn't love a band who sound like a combination of Joy Division, New Order, and Psychedelic Furs anyway…“ (promonews.tv)

„Almost makes us think of what might have happened if Interpol had doubled down on gothier elements in their early records.“ (idieyoudie.com)

“’Wildest Flowers’ fuses elements of our favorite New Wave and synth-pop bands – namely, Bauhaus, The Psychedelic Furs, Editors, and Interpol – in a way that is fresh and inspiring.” (therevue.ca)

“I’ve had the album for a few weeks now, and what’s great to see is how with each listen, it grows ever more enrapturing, changing with the different moments of day, or environment where you listen to it. It particularly takes on new depths when listened to at night, seemingly it’s natural hab-it, but again always with that perfect glint of light and hope.” (flushthefashion.com)

“Led by the wine dark, dramatic vocals of bassist Fernando Honorato, they manage to wear their influences proudly on their sleeves (Cocteau Twins, Cure) but still create their own musical vision.” (echoesanddust.com)

“Oceans” sounds like a modern new-wave production. But the most important thing is not how you would define this album; it simply is a great piece of music composed by a band, which deserves more recognition!“ (side-line.com)

Golden Apes and Silvermannen albums out now

7 June 2019

Earlier today we released the new SILVERMANNEN and GOLDEN APES albums. Within the first few hours GOLDEN APES' "Kasbek" entered iTunes Top 200 Releases Germany Alternative Chart at #80!

You can find both albums in our store, at Bandcamp, Amazon (CD and Download), iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and many more retailers and download/streaming platforms worldwide.


The new GOLDEN APES album “Kasbek” will be released on 7th of June, 2019

1 June 2019

After a successful Startnext crowdfunding campaign, the new GOLDEN APES album “KASBEK” will be released on 7th of June by Aenaos Records. “KASBEK” sets a new landmark in their 20th year of existence; yet the band still achieves to defy definition and slip away from the grid of specific genre characteristics.

"KASBEK" is the essence of GOLDEN APES’ last two years and at the same time an analysis of their history without sounding retrospective or backward-looking - quite the contrary. Songs like “Oblivion”, “Vento”, “Sleep” or the enchanting “Dust & Dew” (a duet with Canadian Shannon Hemmett, vocalist of bands Leathers and Actors) are acoustic derivatives that own everything that GOLDEN APES’ sound is made of, but remain unique in their own right: they are being further, more resolute, deeper, soaked with that unique aesthetic and subtle grandeur.

Anthemic, dark, elegiac, disturbing, and yet somehow soothing - "KASBEK" is a lot of things but mainly it’s a statement of a band which made itself a present and gifted us in the end.

Tour dates 2019
07.06. Leipzig (GER) – Wave Gotik Treffen
22.06. Hannover (GER) – Bruit de la Cave Festival
12.07. Tampere (FIN) - Lumous Festival
20.07. Nienborg (GER) – Moonlight Musiknacht
24.08. Berlin (GER) – Lido
13.09. Hamburg (GER)- MS-Stubnitz
28.11. Oberhausen (GER) – Kulttempel
30.11. Leipzig (GER) – Grey Days Festival

Free full album stream of SILVERMANNEN's new album "Mitt i Bilden"

25 May 2019

Emerald Park’s singer Tobias Borelius has invited us all to participate in a unique and unusual journey towards his inner world with his new project SILVERMANNEN. We will release SILVERMANNEN’s new album “Mitt i Bilden” on 7th of June, 2019.

From now on you can listen to the complete album stream for free!

If you would like to get a copy of the CD - which comes in a very nice digipak - use the possibility to pre-order the album at Bandcamp!