Art Noir

ART NOIR is a project of Jan Weber, the film composer and former member of IMPRESSIONS OF WINTER. Succeeding the debut `Flügel` and a co-production with Carlos Perón, the new record, called ‘Silent Green’, opens up to a new musical dimension.

ART NOIR connects melancholic melodies to brute Industrial sounds: the powerful and marching music meets the tender voice of Nadine Stelzer (former member of IN STRICT CONFIDENCE). Her vocals contrast with the music and give it a warm and comfortable note.

The records develop a unique atmosphere by connecting music and vocals in this way. It takes the listener to new, unknown places. Listening to this record is like watching a good film: Every time you replay it, you will discover new details.

Poems Of An Extinct Species
29 January 2021
Aenaos Records
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Thorns and Lilies
23 October 2020
Aenaos Records
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Silent Green
12 June 2009
🔗 Bandcamp
12 July 2004
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