(((S))) blends power pop with post punk on his new album "Maverick"

30 September 2022

After releasing "The World of (((S)))" last year, the one-man project from Copenhagen is back with a brand-new album called "Maverick". The deliberately chosen title describes an independent-minded person, a non-conformist.

Attempting to give meaning to a meaningless world full of absurdities, the album contains 10 songs that reflect (((S)))'s own power pop version of post punk with lyrics that challenge each listener to put the pieces together for themselves.

Rich in stylistic input, "Maverick" gives another glimpse into (((S)))’s musical soul and out-of-the-box thinking, while he remains hidden in the shadows of the cold and windy streets of Denmark's capital.

"Maverick" was released in late September as a digital download and stream.

Get your copy here:
🎶 Aenaos Records: aenaos-records.com/products/732785-maverick
🎶 Bandcamp: fustydk.bandcamp.com/album/maverick
🎶 Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/4gLVKqoDaBXe30t1AHT6IT

Silvermannen released new download EP "Om Du Vill"

23 September 2022

"Silvermannen moves slowly and silently through a narrow but beautiful soundscape where present and past do not exist. He listens, looks and thinks about the surroundings, but does not bring anyone to justice. No super powers, no rock, no arch enemy, just a big heart."

Silvermannen is the solo project of Emerald Park’s singer and songwriter Tobias Borelius.

While he was recovering from a surgery, Tobias (Emerald Park, Silvermannen, And The Broken) was asked by producer Carl Granberg (Haley Reinheart, Bob Hund etc) if some of the songs that were made in Swedish during the past years should be remixed and to be released. They decided on four of them: "Hiro" and "Sprickor" from the 2008 solo album "Du känner mig för väl, farväl" and "Kullarna" and "Gryning" from Silvermannen's 2018 album "Mitt i Bilden". The song "Hiro" was re-arranged and is now called "Om Du Vill". It was no coincidence that they choose "Om Du Vill" and "Kullarna". Those songs are the favorite songs of Mattias, a friend of Tobias, who always gives feedback in a honest way. Some addtional recordings have been made on "Gryning" by Jens Andersson from The Ark.

The EP "Om Du Vill" was released in streaming format on September 23.

New single and video “Mama, do you think it’s gonna rain all day” by (((S)))

15 April 2022

The title to this song is sort of nicked from the famous Danish poet Poul Borum.

He was a force to be reckoned with within the Copenhagen punk movement in the 80s - both as a poet and a harsh critic. The story goes that he, as a 4-year-old, walked down the street with his Mum and was overheard saying in a clear voice: "Does Mother think it will be all-day rain today?"

The sentence seems to have stuck in (((S)))'s mind for many years and so the lyrics are an elaboration from there on.

"Mama, do you think it's gonna rain all day?" is the first single from the upcoming album with ten brand-new songs expected to be released later this year.

The single is now available at our website, Bandcamp and all major digital music stores and streaming services.

New vinyl edition of Principe Valiente's highly acclaimed album "Oceans"

25 February 2022

Today February 25th, 2022 Principe Valiente's highly acclaimed album "Oceans" is being re-released as a limited red colored vinyl edition by the French label Manic Depression. The vinyl is available at the band's Bandcamp page, Discogs, Aenaos Records and Poponaut.


What the press said about "Oceans"

"...like a My Bloody Valentine album cover. The result is appropriately atmospheric and entirely watchable. Who doesn't love a band who sound like a combination of Joy Division, New Order, and Psychedelic Furs anyway…" (promonews.tv)

"Almost makes us think of what might have happened if Interpol had doubled down on gothier elements in their early records." (idieyoudie.com)

"'Wildest Flowers' fuses elements of our favorite New Wave and synth-pop bands – namely, Bauhaus, The Psychedelic Furs, Editors, and Interpol – in a way that is fresh and inspiring." (therevue.ca)

"I've had the album for a few weeks now, and what's great to see is how with each listen, it grows ever more enrapturing, changing with the different moments of day, or environment where you listen to it. It particularly takes on new depths when listened to at night, seemingly it's natural habit, but again always with that perfect glint of light and hope." (flushthefashion.com)

"Led by the wine dark, dramatic vocals of bassist Fernando Honorato, they manage to wear their influences proudly on their sleeves (Cocteau Twins, Cure) but still create their own musical vision." (echoesanddust.com)

"Oceans" sounds like a modern new-wave production. But the most important thing is not how you would define this album; it simply is a great piece of music composed by a band, which deserves more recognition!" (side-line.com)

The Search are back with the new album "Extras"

12 February 2022

The Search is one of Sweden's best kept indie secrets. Singer, guitarist, and lead singer Razmig Tekeyan has been putting out his beautiful melancholic rock music under the name for decades. What started as a band that almost made it big back in the early 00's became a solo project that reached its peak with the latest critically acclaimed effort "Heart's Racing" in 2020.

Now it's time for The Search to be a band again. Erik Nyberg (bass), Stephen Burt (lead guitar), and Johann Bernövall (drums) from the band's hometown Uppsala in Sweden join Razmig Tekeyan and release their first work as a four-man band. The new album "Extras" will be out on February 25th.

Recorded during the pandemic, the new work offers sticky indie rock songs like "Writing on The Wall" as well as Razmig's perhaps most daring songwriting adventure so far called "Halt". The lyrics tend to look for meaning in midlife relationship struggles and isolation. Introspection versus the will to get out there and smash the world in pieces. "Extras'' is a call to arms to everyone out there who wants to be something more than just extras in their own life.