German Alternative Punk band SHEARER call it quits after 15 years

26 November 2021

The Berlin based Alternative/Punk band SHEARER have announced the end of their 15-year-long musical partnership. Since releasing their debut album "Makin-A-Munson" in 2006, SHEARER swept a fresh breeze through the music business. The band was a statement against the music industry's conventions: every release was shared for free instead of the standard path of digital rights management with the potential of having to sue their fans for copyright infringement.

3 albums and countless concerts later the world has changed dramatically. During the worldwide pandemic SHEARER were no longer able to deliver their joy of playing music to their fans directly. To close this chapter of their life the band finished the last 4 songs for the EP “Dead Band Walking” which is now available for free download at the band’s Bandcamp page and streaming at all major platforms.