The Search are back with the new album "Extras"

12 February 2022

The Search is one of Sweden's best kept indie secrets. Singer, guitarist, and lead singer Razmig Tekeyan has been putting out his beautiful melancholic rock music under the name for decades. What started as a band that almost made it big back in the early 00's became a solo project that reached its peak with the latest critically acclaimed effort "Heart's Racing" in 2020.

Now it's time for The Search to be a band again. Erik Nyberg (bass), Stephen Burt (lead guitar), and Johann Bernövall (drums) from the band's hometown Uppsala in Sweden join Razmig Tekeyan and release their first work as a four-man band. The new album "Extras" will be out on February 25th.

Recorded during the pandemic, the new work offers sticky indie rock songs like "Writing on The Wall" as well as Razmig's perhaps most daring songwriting adventure so far called "Halt". The lyrics tend to look for meaning in midlife relationship struggles and isolation. Introspection versus the will to get out there and smash the world in pieces. "Extras'' is a call to arms to everyone out there who wants to be something more than just extras in their own life.