Silvermannen released new download EP "Om Du Vill"

23 September 2022

"Silvermannen moves slowly and silently through a narrow but beautiful soundscape where present and past do not exist. He listens, looks and thinks about the surroundings, but does not bring anyone to justice. No super powers, no rock, no arch enemy, just a big heart."

Silvermannen is the solo project of Emerald Park’s singer and songwriter Tobias Borelius.

While he was recovering from a surgery, Tobias (Emerald Park, Silvermannen, And The Broken) was asked by producer Carl Granberg (Haley Reinheart, Bob Hund etc) if some of the songs that were made in Swedish during the past years should be remixed and to be released. They decided on four of them: "Hiro" and "Sprickor" from the 2008 solo album "Du känner mig för väl, farväl" and "Kullarna" and "Gryning" from Silvermannen's 2018 album "Mitt i Bilden". The song "Hiro" was re-arranged and is now called "Om Du Vill". It was no coincidence that they choose "Om Du Vill" and "Kullarna". Those songs are the favorite songs of Mattias, a friend of Tobias, who always gives feedback in a honest way. Some addtional recordings have been made on "Gryning" by Jens Andersson from The Ark.

The EP "Om Du Vill" was released in streaming format on September 23.