German Alternative Punk band SHEARER call it quits after 15 years

26 November 2021

The Berlin based Alternative/Punk band SHEARER have announced the end of their 15-year-long musical partnership. Since releasing their debut album "Makin-A-Munson" in 2006, SHEARER swept a fresh breeze through the music business. The band was a statement against the music industry's conventions: every release was shared for free instead of the standard path of digital rights management with the potential of having to sue their fans for copyright infringement.

3 albums and countless concerts later the world has changed dramatically. During the worldwide pandemic SHEARER were no longer able to deliver their joy of playing music to their fans directly. To close this chapter of their life the band finished the last 4 songs for the EP “Dead Band Walking” which is now available for free download at the band’s Bandcamp page and streaming at all major platforms.

And The Broken carries on legacy of Emerald Park

19 November 2021

After releasing their EP "Basement Sessions" in early 2020, one of northern Europe’s most successful bands releasing music under a Creative Commons license – Emerald Park – decided to transform and direct their musical efforts towards a new band called And the Broken with Tobias, Conny and Måns of Emerald Park plus two new, amazing guitar players and musicians - Linus Lindvall and Johan Hellsten.

You'll probably recognize the vocals and perhaps some melodies but this time the music was recorded in a different way: while Emerald Park preferred recording in a studio, all new songs of And the Broken were recorded during rehearsals. The music is organic and mostly based on drums, base and electric guitars with focus on vocals and backing vocals.

Over the next months the band will be releasing a series of singles and EP before publishing a full-length album in 2022.

Malmö, September 2021 (the year of the panther)

Older but not necessarily wiser, and sometimes ailing. Unlike garage rock luminaries "? and the Mysterians", the latest addition to the Malmö music scene - And the Broken - skips the flamboyant lead character altogether. Each of these seasoned musicians and songwriters hailing from bands like Emerald Park, Björn’s Vänner, Golden Kanine and Chunks/God Grows His Own manage to steal the spotlight.

Influences? Anything from Alice Babs to Alice Coltrane; Beachwood Sparks to Big Star; Yung Lean to Old Dirty Bastard (however, if you asked any member of the band face to face, it would probably take less than five seconds before either Wilco or Teenage Fanclub were mentioned - so much for trying to be hip).

The recordings for the, yet unnamed, debut album began in earnest during the winter of 2020-21 after a small lineup change and the stunning debut double A-side single "Yellow EP" and the follow-up "Red EP" are available NOW at the usual streaming sites and download platforms.

Copenhagen's dream pop duo BlackieBlueBird releases new single "The Love We Once Knew"

1 October 2021

BlackieBlueBird are the vocalist Heidi Lindahl and the composer Nils Lassen; together they create delicate torch songs of reverb and echo that captivate the listener with resonating guitars, wailing harmonicas, maudlin mandolins and a choir of lonely mermaids that sporadically embraces Heidi's golden voice. The echoes of love and longing, hellos and deceiving goodbyes live within her unique and clear vibrato in a feel-good melancholic way.

The duo received great reviews worldwide for their two albums "Ghost River" and "Goodbye in July", led by the delicate and enchanting voice of Heidi Lindahl, where their sound has been compared to Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads" and Enya.

BlackieBlueBird are now back with the new single "The Love We Once Knew" which leverages the dreamy romanticism but preserves the melancholy of their previous works. The pandemic turmoil has led the duo to explore new avenues and enrich their sound with drums – a path that will hopefully lead to more songs for a brand-new album next year.

"The Love We Once Knew" is written and produced by Nils Lassen and will be released as a digital single on October 1st, 2021.

Principe Valiente FREE EP "Debut album 10 Years - Alternative versions" - out next Friday, July 23rd!

18 July 2021

Principe Valiente

While 2021 finds Principe Valiente working on their fourth full-length album, it also marks the 10-year anniversary of their self-titled debut. To celebrate this, the band’s record label Aenaos Records and singer Fernando Honorato decide to make some special versions of the album’s most prominent works and release them as a digital EP during the summer.

Aiming to emanate warmth, these versions are built on basic instruments including piano and acoustic guitars, enriched with digital string sounds. In collaboration with Chicago based mixer Adam K. Stilson, the songs reach a level of intimacy new to the audience. These 5 tracks are a fine collection of tunes made for loving, reflection and contemplation through nights, days, and dawns.

Where Red Flowers Bloom – new THE SILENCE INDUSTRY album out now

12 February 2021

The Silence Industry

The Canadian project THE SILENCE INDUSTRY is back with a new album. “Where Red Flowers Bloom” is now available as a ‘name your price’ download at Aenaos Records and Bandcamp, as well as stream and download on all major digital platforms.

Less than 2 years after the release of "A Song for Bad Sectors" THE SILENCE INDUSTRY continued to develop their own, unique sound on a 6 track EP comprised of 5 new intricately crafted songs and one drone remix. Diverse influences collide into a singular stark and overwhelming dark sound once again.