New THE SEARCH album end of September – first single “Winter” available for free download

6 September 2020

Only 6 months after the retro-inspired journey of THE SEARCH came to an end, the band are publishing their new Indie Rock album "Heart's Racing" on September 25th, 2020.

Razmig Tekeyan gives us an initial taste of his skills as a singer-songwriter in the song “Winter”, selected as the first single as it deviates the most, in terms of arrangement and tempo, from the previous two albums. "Winter" can be downloaded for free at our website and streamed on all major streaming platforms.

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1 July 2020

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Art of Empathy "End of I" out now.

26 June 2020

We just published our first ever media book edition of an album: "End of I" by the Belgian artist ART OF EMPATHY is now available at Bandcamp and in our store. This special edition comes hand-numbered with 32 pages of artwork and lyrics.

Furthermore, to mark this edition, we also released a lyrics video for the song "End of I" on YouTube.

ART OF EMPATHY "End Of I": Limited Collector's Media Book Edition out June 26

10 June 2020

10 years after the release of “Posthuman Decadence”, the Belgian artist ART OF EMPATHY returns with the album “End Of I”. Empathy reflects our social and moral nature and is broadly defined as the ability to understand, experience, and identify with the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others. Displaying empathy constitutes a form of art that enables people to connect with each other in a world where antisocial, selfish behavior is often not only encouraged but praised.

“Solitude is bliss, but strength is in numbers.” (AOE, 2020)

Sculpted out of acoustic guitars, dark synths, bombastic orchestration, and pounding percussion, skillfully carved with vocals ranging from intimate, haunting whispers to loudly chanting choirs, “End Of I” embodies a vision and a hope: that humans transcend the current individualistic way of life and attune to the whispers of other humans, species, and mother Earth, as we are all part of the same living network.

The essence and true sound of ART OF EMPATHY are reflected throughout the entire album, which is rich in lyrics and quotations and spans no less than 12 tracks and 71 minutes. “End Of I” may be a lot to digest in times when everything tends to be flashy and superficial, but any work that is poised to elicit self-reflection and re-evaluation is not for the faint of heart. “End Of I” was necessary and worth waiting for.

True to his character, ART OF EMPATHY has always used Creative Commons license and made all music, lyrics, and artwork available for free no matter how much time and effort were invested in them. His only request is that people share the music, so that it gets a chance to reach all those who will see themselves in and get inspired by it.

“People search for authenticity and durability in a world that is full of falsehood and volatility. And music will always have a compelling power that nothing else can match.” (AOE, 2020)

“End Of I” is so unique in and of itself that we decided to offer a tangible experience of the album by publishing a Limited Collector’s Edition: a hand-numbered Media Book with 32 pages of artwork and lyrics limited to 100 units.

The Media Book can be pre-ordered directly at our website or at Bandcamp and the order includes a free download version of the album. “End Of I” will be officially released on June 26th.

ART OF EMPATHY: Free Download / Video / Limited Collector’s Media Book Edition

8 May 2020

On June 26th, we will be publishing the album “End of I” by the Belgian artist ART OF EMPATHY as a special Limited Collector’s Media Book Edition, which will be hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies.

Today we released the first single “Where Souls Shine Brightest” in the form of a free download and music video.

Check out the video below:

The free download can be found here at our brand-new website or at Bandcamp:

The Limited Collector’s Media Book Edition is available exclusively here on our website: