Goodbye In July
by BlackieBlueBird
€7.90 - €18.90*

  • Goodbye In July

Goodbye In July
by BlackieBlueBird
€7.90 - €18.90*

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Copenhagen's dream pop duo BlackieBlueBird return with their second album "Goodbye in July".

BlackieBlueBird are the vocalist Heidi Lindahl and the composer Nils Lassen; together they create delicate torch songs of reverb and echo that captivate the listener with resonating guitars, wailing harmonicas, maudlin mandolins and a choir of lonely mermaids that sporadically embraces Heidi's golden voice. The echoes of love and longing, hellos and deceiving goodbyes live within her unique and clear vibrato.

BlackieBlueBird are now back with their second album "Goodbye in July" which leverages the dreamy romanticism but preserves the melancholy of their first work. Lead by the delicate and enchanting voice of Heidi Lindahl "Goodbye in July" comprises 11 songs of desire, love, life, and losses written by the experienced composer Nils Lassen.

The duo received great reviews worldwide for their debut album "Ghost River", where their sound has been compared to Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads" and Enya.

All songs are written and produced by Nils Lassen. The album is a cooperation among T&E Records, Poisonic, and Aenaos Records.

Release date: 26/03/2020

Track Listing

  1. What Time Is It
  2. Goodbye In July
  3. Sorry Lives Here No More
  4. Oh Fever My Fever
  5. Who Loves The Lover
  6. Battered, Beaten But Not Broken
  7. Love Me Like You've Never Been Hurt
  8. Destiny
  9. Break It
  10. Many Many Many Tears Ago
  11. Summersnow

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