Basement Sessions
by Emerald Park

  • Basement Sessions

Basement Sessions
by Emerald Park

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“As always, Emerald Park tend to fluctuate among the different styles of the indie genre influenced by bands such as The Cure, Arcade Fire, James, Depeche Mode and Blur.”

One of northern Europe’s most successful bands releasing music under a Creative Commons license is back after 5 years of silence. Emerald Park will be releasing their brand-new EP “Basement Sessions” in two versions: as a traditional 5-track digital version and as a Creative Commons 4-track version.

The easiest way to describe Emerald Park of 2020 is as a collective where the singer/songwriter Tobias Borelius is at the center and choreographs the band’s moves. Different producers and studios have been involved in the making of “Basement Sessions” during the last year and that has resulted in 5 songs with varying identities although the vocals, lyrics, and emotional state in the songs are all the same; you will recognize the constant presence of melancholy but somewhere along the way happiness appears within reach. The lyrics are all about the feeling of being misplaced and searching for something else, something bigger in life.

“Rules Don’t Apply”, which was released as a single last summer and is now remastered, is the most electrified and energetic track of the EP (recorded by Linus Lindvall and Mattias Larsson of Cub&Wolf and mixed by Daniel Gunneberg of Emerald Park), while “The Haze”, “Decease”, and “Bigfoot” are the most melancholic songs (mixed and recorded by Daniel Gunneberg). The fresh version of “Bigfoot” and a new track called “Agnes of the North” are the two tracks that have really caught the essence of Emerald Park.

Release date: 21/02/2020

Track Listing

  1. The Haze
  2. Agnes Of The North
  3. Bigfoot
  4. Decease
  5. Rules Don't Apply

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