A Song for Bad Sectors
by The Silence Industry

  • A Song for Bad Sectors

A Song for Bad Sectors
by The Silence Industry

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3 years after releasing “the hidden album (~/.tsi/)”, the Canadian project THE SILENCE INDUSTRY is back with the new album “A Song for Bad Sectors”.

Even though the production of the album was delayed (due to a hard drive crash in 2017 in which the drum programs for the album were lost and to which the title is a partial reference), THE SILENCE INDUSTRY continued to develop their own, unique sound and deliver what is possibly their darkest, most complex and refined work to date. Unlike many of their releases, “A Song for Bad Sectors” is a full-length album comprised of 7 songs and 3 ambient/noise works.

Release date: 23/08/2019

Track Listing

  1. (I)believe
  2. anyways, I'm running to you
  3. of fires and flowers
  4. is it just me - part i
  5. this wheel (like sand)
  6. amongst cascades of rain
  7. forever, singing
  8. No!
  9. or can you see
  10. is it just me - part ii (bonus track)

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