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One year after the release of “Songs about Losers”, the Swedish band The Search is back with ten new songs collected on the album “Echo”. This time the creative mind of the band Razmig Tekeyan brings the minimalistic sound to its top.

“Echo” is a low-fi recording where the recorded demo tracks ended up being the final songs on the album; all songs sound more natural, as if played at home under a warm candle light with a guitar. In this calm atmosphere the listener is able to focus on the compositions and lyrics waiting for the emotion-filled stories to unfold.

“Echo” is The Search’s most intimate and earthbound album thus far and increases the curiosity about what comes next.

The album was recorded and produced by Razmig Tekeyan in the band’s own studio and mastered by Tommy Steuer (TS-Musix Studios, Leipzig).

Release date: 22/09/2017

Track Listing

  1. Adora
  2. Fragments Of Dreams And Desires
  3. I Was Here
  4. Intimacy
  5. Nature Worshippers
  6. Little More Than An Echo
  7. I Would Love To Walk With You
  8. Mind To Mind
  9. Wallflower
  10. Home, What's A Home

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