Our Need For Solace
by The Search

  • Our Need For Solace

Our Need For Solace
by The Search

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After the rock oriented “Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized” in 2012 the musical journey of The Search entailed touring their native country Sweden, performing in Germany and recording their seventh long player “Our Need for Solace”. The Swedes, alongside the heart and soul of the band Razmig Tekeyan, have created a passage to their earlier works through a fusion of past and present.

“Our Need for Solace” comprises Dream Pop in a way similar to 80s melodic Wave- and Rock-classics and proves once again Razmig Tekeyan’s ability to include plenty of life experience into the compositions and lyrics. The album is the band's best effort to date with songs like the jangly “You Deserve More” and the danceable “Wake Up From Your Electronic Hallucinations” as well as the melancholic somberness of “Some Pick On The Weakest After Sensing Their Fears.”

Fans of Wave and Indie Pop/Rock should definitely have a listen!

Release date: 27/06/2014

Track Listing

  1. Solace
  2. You Deserve More
  3. Some Pick On The Weakest After Sensing Their Fears
  4. I Want To Belong
  5. Wake Up From Your Electronic Hallucinations
  6. School Is Cruel
  7. Young Mother
  8. Cursed With Survival
  9. Nursing Home
  10. Embrace What You Are
  11. Who Will Comfort You

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