Silent Green
by Art Noir
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  • Silent Green

Silent Green
by Art Noir
€0.00 - €9.90*

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ART NOIR is a project of Jan Weber, the film composer and former member of IMPRESSIONS OF WINTER. Succeeding the debut `Flügel` and a co-production with Carlos Perón, the new record, called `Silent Green´, opens up to a new musical dimension.

The opening song, called ‘Dark Temple’, evokes memories of masterpieces by LUSTMORD and AH CAMA SOTZ. Dark Ambient-collages similar to DELERIUM and RAISON D´ETRE (´Take the blue pill´) are lighted up by journeys into different worlds of sound. “Heavenly Voices” (‘Silent Green’, ‘Brother of sleep’) and “Burlesque” (‘Mental’) are only two examples for that.

ART NOIR connects melancholic melodies to brute Industrial sounds: the powerful and marching music meets the tender voice of Nadine Stelzer (former member of IN STRICT CONFIDENCE). Her vocals contrast with the music and give it a warm and comfortable note.

The record develops a unique atmosphere by connecting music and vocals in this way. It takes the listener to new, unknown places. Listening to this record is like watching a good film: Every time you replay it, you will discover new details.

Release date: 12/06/2009

Track Listing

  1. Dark Temple
  2. Lost Game
  3. Silent Green
  4. Asphyxia
  5. Almost Normal
  6. Mental
  7. Brother Of Sleep
  8. Autumn Moon
  9. Violet Rain
  10. Take The Blue Pill
  11. Silent Green (Chuck Mellow Remix)

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