Posthuman Decadence
by Art Of Empathy

  • Posthuman Decadence

Posthuman Decadence
by Art Of Empathy

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After the success of the dreamy Evening Sessions, AOE returns with the new album Posthuman Decadence. Like in the past, this project is all about creating beautiful, dreamy songs. But this time it is with a dark, apocalyptic touch.

Posthuman Decadence tells the story of the struggling man, trying hard to give meaning to his life. Although he tries his best, he slips further and further away from his original nature. His intentions are often good, but in the end, he falls into decay. It’s then he gets confronted with his dependence on nature and his beloved ones.

Release date: 29/11/2010

Track Listing

  1. The Design
  2. Good Morning Sick World
  3. Don’t Mind
  4. Recreation
  5. If This Is A Man
  6. Beautiful War
  7. Still Dancing
  8. Virile Earth
  9. The Source
  10. The Paradox Of Essence
  11. Dying Cosily
  12. Posthuman Decadence

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