End Of I
by Art Of Empathy
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  • End Of I
  • End Of I

End Of I
by Art Of Empathy
€0.00 - €25.00*

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Art of Empathy returns with the new album “End of I” after 10 Years of silence

‘End Of I’ represents the true sound that makes this Belgian one-man project so unique: acoustic guitars, combined with dark synths, bombastic orchestration and pounding percussion. All accompanied by vocals that range from intimate whispers to loudly chanting choirs.

The album will be available exclusively on our website as a special Limited Mediabook Collector’s Edition (hand-numbered 100 copies, 32 pages lyrics/artwork book)

Release date: 26/06/2020

Track Listing

  1. Where Souls Shine Brightest
  2. End Of I
  3. Here Comes Everybody
  4. Their Playground
  5. Legion
  6. Mind - Matter
  7. Karma's Little Helpers
  8. Everywhere
  9. Ninety-Six Percent
  10. Cynicism Left For Dead
  11. Revelation Of Ignorance
  12. Hugging Strangers

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