For Tomorrow
by Emerald Park
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  • For Tomorrow

For Tomorrow
by Emerald Park
€0.00 - €9.90*

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The music business is sometimes quite confusing - confusing for all those ambitious musicians, who struggle for support, but even more confusing for the numerous trend detectors, who are send bustling through the clubs by the major labels. But sometimes everything is nice and simple like the pop literature of the day after tomorrow: an innovative internet label meets Sweden's best sound export since 'SHOUT OUT LOUDS' in the world wide web. Country boundaries are meaningless in the 21. century and the world will listen to new songs, which it shouldn't have missed by all means.

It's been 4 years since EMERALD PARK's debut album 'Sadness within', but its successor immediately leaves the impression that the 525,600 minutes have been used very wisely. "For tomorrow" sparkles from the speakers in one nice flow and one catchy tune follows the next like beaded (pop) pearls on string. Songs like "The Commonfield" or "Pasadena" combine the best of ARCADE FIRE, SUNWHEEL and THE CURE. The rest of the album reveals influences from bands such as STARS, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, NEW ORDER or PULP.

The first single "A higher loss", already raised the bar in June. The full time album however, produced by Moonbabies multi instrumentalist Ola Frick, easily jumps that bar with audible confidence.

The small circle of insiders, who listened to the pre-released single of EMERALD PARK's second album, has been on tenterhooks for months. But the delight will be none the less for those who didn't anticipated such a great release: such depths combined with playful airiness will be quite a treat even in the ears of the most established indie pop treasure hunters The before mentioned insider is rightfully patting itself on the back: only one can be the first to find a treasure and sometimes one gets lucky

The 12 new songs on "For tomorrow" will not only open the ears and hearts of inclined listeners, but will also increase EMERALD PARK's audience immensely.

And for those mediocre indie bands from the US or the UK the music scene in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula is still an annoyance. They spent years in the studio just to see another band from Sweden ruling the world.

Release date: 14/11/08

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. The Commonfield
  3. Ume
  4. A Higher Loss
  5. Värnhem
  6. Istanbul
  7. At the Mall
  8. Open
  9. Pasadena
  10. Lights of Sunday
  11. Ambivalence
  12. For Tomorrow

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