Absolute Zero
by Emerald Park
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  • Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero
by Emerald Park
€0.00 - €9.90*

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Taking a seat on the armchair, headphones on, eyes closed and then end the day with relaxed music? This dream, in our hounded times, could become true with the new album "Absolute Zero" of the swedish Indie pop band EMERALD PARK from the end of March on.

While on the forerunner "For Tomorrow" the rather rock-ish sounds dominate, so the new singles "Reality Bites" (2011) and "Things" (2012) suggest, that this sounds make place for more relaxed and rather organic sounds. On the 11 track album the swedes prove once more, that they have an amazing intuition for soft Indie pop with feathery scandinavian melancholy.

And so "Absolute Zero" becomes a stroke for soul and ears and will be responsible for goose skin on a lot of fans. For further risks and side effects we recommend to ask the record salesman of your trust or the DJ in the Indie club.

Release date: 30/03/2012

Track Listing

  1. Reality Bites
  2. Never Say Never Again
  3. Spain
  4. Bergsgatan
  5. Someone To Love
  6. Things
  7. The Night I Proclaimed Your Love
  8. Rear View Mirror
  9. A Beautiful Mourning
  10. The Rules Of Engagement
  11. Outro

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