by Golden Apes
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  • Riot

    by Golden Apes
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    It's no contingency that RIOT is an unusual simple title for a Golden Apes album and it is no contingency as well, that meanwhile the 7th studio album of the Berlin-based Gothrockers sounds noticable direct and resolute. Because the last two years were a time of continuous change and alteration, of upswing and shift for the band.

    And so Riot is caesura and conclusion similarly, last point and new chapter. It is the musical essence of a band, that never brooked catchyness and artistic standards as an incoherency and which remains true stylistically to itself, but defines itself anew over and over again.

    Musical basement of the sextette are catchy melodies, woven in a texture of strong guitars, elegiac sound landscapes and dark, melancholic vocals, on which pictographic, surreal lyrics build up, that form a lyric full of mystic and disturbing fascination between dream and reality, philosophy and trivial emotions.

    Release date: 30/11/2012

    Track Listing

    1. Prelude
    2. Devil
    3. Torment
    4. Vengeance
    5. Heart's Corrosion
    6. Prudence
    7. White Days
    8. Lithium
    9. Pieces
    10. (The Lights of) Venus
    11. Animæ
    12. The Happy Losers Sweet Delusions
    13. Riot

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