The Moon Is My Sun
by (((S)))
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  • The Moon Is My Sun

The Moon Is My Sun
by (((S)))
€0.00 - €9.90*

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Meanwhile known as a chameleon of retro-music, (((S))) start out once more to open up new areas with their music. Precisely said, the newest work "The Moon Is My Sun" is settled in the areas of minmal-synth-wave, that had its high between 1978 and 1983, until 1984 the Lynn-drums were invented and "ruined everything".

Who thinks of this era, will remind of a lot of bands... Who thinks of bands of this era, will end up with thinking of New Order very quick and who listens to "The Moon Is My Sun", will know, that this relation actually applies to this album. Because, what (((S))) offer on their new long player, is exactly that kind of synth-wave, that oneself knows out of the best years of this band.

But here none just copies, but own ideas get perfected by the New Order-sound, to deliver an album to the friends of this era, which makes them revel in memories, beams them back into this era and shows, that even today it’s possible, to revive the beloved, old sound.

Release date: 21/09/2012

Track Listing

  1. Alive-Die
  2. Ballet Of The Wolves
  3. Shadowboxing
  4. Truthdrug
  5. Endless Summer
  6. Swimming In Lava
  7. Endure
  8. A Woman Obscured
  9. Lovething
  10. TheMeTheYou
  11. The Moon Is My Sun

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