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by Shearer

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Four guys from the capital crossing the republic. For three voices, melody, shouting and bad-ass guitars are the frame those four create their dreams of. You have to live music for approaching things as Shearer do. Genius and madness coupled with megalomania, which is entitled such as for hardly any other band.

The audience will expect a big rock album with 'Eve', but it also gives the necessary breaks for breathing, independent, catchy and diverse. The limited EP 'Adam' improves that work with even more power, a soft core and a heartbreaking end. Here you can feel the bundled intensity of the Shearer live gigs.

The whole thing was recorded at Music Lab Studio, produced by none other than Harris Johns. Private Life was completely abolished for about three months, in order to invest any spark of energy and creativity into their opus. The hard work was paid off. With 'Eve' and 'Adam' Shearer have a trend-setting masterpiece, which doesn't need to be afraid of comparisons with greats such as Foo Fighters or Beatsteaks, neither in sound nor musically things.

As it's predecessor the new album will be downloadable for an arbitrary value (or even for free!) on the band's webpage and is available in any store. The EP is exclusively available on the homepage of afmusic for free, as payable download in any popular download-stores and further more as limited CD (500 pieces) on the Shearer-Homepage or at their shows. For collectots there is even a strictly limited Double-CD Edition called 'Paradise' (200 pieces, numbered) which contains both albums in a digipak.

Release date: 02/06/2008

Track Listing

  1. Ordinary Man
  2. Overstock
  3. Old
  4. Bound
  5. Fist On a Wall
  6. Sing to You
  7. Is It You (Paradise-Mix)

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