Saturnine Songs
by The Search
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  • Saturnine Songs

Saturnine Songs
by The Search
€0.00 - €9.90*

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The Swedish band The Search wraps catchy pop melodies into a gloomy cloak, creating escaping the daily grey routines. When the press is talking about The Search, they speak of a beautiful retro-mix of wave and rock in the vein of The Cure and Joy Division. The band does not deny their roots, but take pleasure in paraphrasing them in their own slightly deranged and atmospheric way.

In order to achieve a wider musical range on their 4th album 'Saturnine Songs' they hooked up two diferent producers. Kristofer Jönson from the band Jeniferever was hired to conjure up the melancholic, darker part of the album with songs like 'Yes-Man' and 'Swimmer' and Elof Loelv, producer and musician, was engaged to invoke the electronical parts in songs like 'Distant' and 'Other People', where he created a catchy, yet dreamy sound. The album is mastered at Studio Tonteknik by Magnus Lindberg, a well-known mastering engineer.

For fans of: Interpol, The Chameleons, The Sound, The Church, Death Cab For Cutie...

Release date: 25/05/2018

Track Listing

  1. Distant
  2. Swimmer
  3. Woman In The Corner
  4. Rapunzel
  5. Netherworld
  6. Other People
  7. Jester
  8. Saturnine
  9. Sleeper's Cache
  10. Song For A Boy, Friends With Toys
  11. You Seek Approval In the Wrong People
  12. Yes-Man

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