The Maw Of Sleep
by The Silence Industry

  • The Maw Of Sleep

The Maw Of Sleep
by The Silence Industry

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Since 2007 the Canadian Graham J., mastermind of the band, bestows us again and again with releases, that blast off a lot of musical borders. Noise, Progressive Rock, Post Punk, Gothic Rock, even a pinch of pop is part of the music. That oneself can merge all those styles successfully to a top quality album, is proven once more with “The Maw Of Sleep” by THE SILENCE INDUSTRY. Familiar quality meets new ideas and gets packed into the mentioned alloy, to offer a firework of this unique music to old as well as new fans.

Release date: 25/09/2012

Track Listing

  1. Insurgent Heart(s)
  2. Global Spring
  3. The Maw of Sleep
  4. Giants Over Broken Earth
  5. Yours Is the Light
  6. (Nightmare)
  7. Living On Precarity
  8. The Maw of Sleep (Barbituate Reverb Mix)

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