Maverickby (((S)))
30 September 2022 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1011

After releasing "The World of (((S)))" last year, the one-man project from Copenhagen is back with a brand-new album called "Maverick". The deliberately chosen title describes an independent-minded person, a non-conformist.

Attempting to give meaning to a meaningless world full of absurdities, the album contains 10 songs that reflect (((S)))'s own power pop version of post punk with lyrics that challenge each listener to put the pieces together for themselves.

Rich in stylistic input, “Maverick” gives another glimpse into (((S)))’s musical soul and out-of-the-box thinking, while he remains hidden in the shadows of the cold and windy streets of Denmark's capital.

Om Du Villby Silvermannen
23 September 2022 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1012

While he was recovering from a surgery, Tobias (Emerald Park, Silvermannen, And The Broken) was asked by producer Carl Granberg (Haley Reinheart, Bob Hund etc) if some of the songs that were made in Swedish during the past years should be remixed and to be released. They decided on four of them: "Hiro" and "Sprickor" from the 2008 solo album "Du känner mig för väl, farväl" and "Kullarna" and "Gryning" from Silvermannen's 2018 album "Mitt i Bilden". The song "Hiro" was re-arranged and is now called "Om Du Vill". It was no coincidence that they choose "Om Du Vill" and "Kullarna". Those songs are the favorite songs of Mattias, a friend of Tobias, who always gives feedback in a honest way. Some addtional recordings have been made on "Gryning" by Jens Andersson from The Ark.

Mama, Do You Think It's Gonna Rain All Day?by (((S)))
15 April 2022 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1010

The title to this song is sort of nicked from the famous Danish poet Poul Borum.

He was a force to be reckoned with within the Copenhagen punk movement in the 80s - both as a poet and a harsh critic. The story goes that he, as a 4-year-old, walked down the street with his Mum and was overheard saying in a clear voice: "Does Mother think it will be all-day rain today?"

The sentence seems to have stuck in (((S)))’s mind for many years and so the lyrics are an elaboration from there on.

“Mama, do you think it’s gonna rain all day” is the first single from the upcoming album with ten brand-new songs expected to be released later this year.

Extrasby The Search
25 February 2022 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0018CD

The Search is one of Sweden's best kept indie secrets. Singer, guitarist, and lead singer Razmig Tekeyan has been putting out his beautiful melancholic rock music under the name for decades. What started as a band that almost made it big back in the early 00's became a solo project that reached its peak with the latest critically acclaimed effort "Heart's Racing" in 2020.

Now it's time for The Search to be a band again. Erik Nyberg (bass), Stephen Burt (lead guitar), and Johann Bernövall (drums) from the band's hometown Uppsala in Sweden join Razmig Tekeyan and release their first work as a four-man band. The new album "Extras" will be out on February 25th.

Recorded during the pandemic, the new work offers sticky indie rock songs like "Writing on The Wall" as well as Razmig's perhaps most daring songwriting adventure so far called "Halt". The lyrics tend to look for meaning in midlife relationship struggles and isolation. Introspection versus the will to get out there and smash the world in pieces. "Extras'' is a call to arms to everyone out there who wants to be something more than just extras in their own life.

The World Of (((S)))by (((S)))
28 December 2021 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1008

While working on new material for the next years full-length album, (((S))) came across some old playlists containing songs from the first two albums "Ghost" and "Phantom" and realized that with modern technology some of these songs could be revised and brought back to life. The freshness and vitality they maintained after all these years coupled with his upgraded equipment led to a richer and more fulfilling sound. The result is a 10-song-compilation named "The World Of (((S)))" to be released on 28 December 2021.

Touching on The Jesus & Mary Chain, Joy Division and The Cure, (((S))) is refreshingly relaxed, surprisingly easy, danceable, and so reminiscent of NEW ORDER in the ‘00s or the late works by Adam Ant. The Scandinavian singer's songs "Mesmerized" and "Lonely Is The Lighthouse" are irresistible wave-jewels, "In A Shadow Of A Shadow" and "A Crying Shame" enrapture with their dark atmosphere and the unexpected Beatles-Cover "Help" is more than a surprise: it gives the impression the original was recorded by Pink Floyd.

Back in 2009, when (((S))) found himself alone in Austin, Texas, little did he know that the debut album would be awarded one of the world’s best releases of the year by music journalist Mick Mercer on top of all the attention it had been receiving from music magazines and radios around the globe. Now, 12 years later, you can listen to an even better version of (((S)))‘s most prominent songs.

Dead Band Walkingby Shearer
26 November 2021 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1009

The Berlin based Alternative/Punk band SHEARER have announced the end of their 15-year-long musical partnership. Since releasing their debut album "Makin-A-Munson" in 2006, SHEARER swept a fresh breeze through the music business. The band was a statement against the music industry's conventions: every release was shared for free instead of the standard path of digital rights management with the potential of having to sue their fans for copyright infringement.

3 albums and countless concerts later the world has changed dramatically. During the worldwide pandemic SHEARER were no longer able to deliver their joy of playing music to their fans directly. To close this chapter of their life the band finished the last 4 songs for the EP “Dead Band Walking” which is now available for free download at the band’s Bandcamp page and streaming at all major platforms.

The Love We Once Knewby BlackieBlueBird
1 October 2021 · T&E Records

BlackieBlueBird are now back with the new single "The Love We Once Knew" which leverages the dreamy romanticism but preserves the melancholy of their previous works. The pandemic turmoil has led the duo to explore new avenues and enrich their sound with drums – a path that will hopefully lead to more songs for a brand-new album next year.

Debut Album - 10 Years (Alternative Versions)by Principe Valiente
23 July 2021 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1006

While 2021 finds Principe Valiente working on their fourth full-length album, it also marks the 10-year anniversary of their self-titled debut. To celebrate this, the band’s record label Aenaos Records and singer Fernando Honorato decide to make some special versions of the album’s most prominent works and release them as a digital EP during the summer.

Aiming to emanate warmth, these versions are built on basic instruments including piano and acoustic guitars, enriched with digital string sounds. In collaboration with Chicago based mixer Adam K. Stilson, the songs reach a level of intimacy new to the audience. These 5 tracks are a fine collection of tunes made for loving, reflection and contemplation through nights, days, and dawns.

Where Red Flowers Bloomby The Silence Industry
12 February 2021 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1005

The Canadian project THE SILENCE INDUSTRY is back with a new album. “Where Red Flowers Bloom” is now available as a ‘name your price’ download at Aenaos Records and Bandcamp, as well as stream and download on all major digital platforms.

Less than 2 years after the release of "A Song for Bad Sectors" THE SILENCE INDUSTRY continued to develop their own, unique sound on a 6 track EP comprised of 5 new intricately crafted songs and one drone remix. Diverse influences collide into a singular stark and overwhelming dark sound once again.

Poems Of An Extinct Speciesby Art Noir
29 January 2021 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0015

German film composer Jan Weber releases new album following his ALS diagnosis.

A new cycle begins for the German film composer Jan Weber who returns with the album “Poems of An Extinct Species” of his project ART NOIR after a decade since the album “Silent Green”.

Diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in 2015, Jan had just begun to lay down the framework for the album, when he was still able to move his fingers. With the loss of voluntary muscle movement slowly progressing, he needed an assistive eye-tracking communication device to complete the recording over the following 5 years. The production, mixing and mastering of the album was later supported by Thomas Navas (Lost in the Void) and Stefan Vesper (Steve Dragon, In Strict Confidence).

The album unfolds a compelling and intellectually stimulating story through Nadine Stelzer’s ethereal voice and thought-provoking lyrics that challenge the confines of our current perceptional reality. Enveloped in an anthropological-ecological mantle, it explores the vulnerability and concomitant wound-inflicting ability of the human species, invoking imagery and imagination of what was, what is, and what may be. Jan Weber, with his indomitable passion for producing and creating worlds, is the epitome of the strength of the human spirit an inspiration to everyone.

In a century where unprecedented technological advancements engendered devices that have become indispensable extensions of our motor and sensory systems, “Poems of an Extinct Species” is an ode to the multidimensional and adaptive human-nature interrelationship through time and space.

Thorns and Liliesby Art Noir
23 October 2020 · Aenaos Records

A new cycle begins for the German film composer Jan Weber who returns with the forthcoming album “Poems of An Extinct Species” of his project ART NOIR after a decade since the album “Silent Green”.

“Poems of an Extinct Species“ is an ode to the multidimensional and adaptive human-nature interrelationship through time and space in a century where unprecedented technological advancements engendered devices that have become indispensable extensions of our motor and sensory systems.

“Sounds and voices guide you through unknown landscapes. You will meet playful and strange beings there.

Observe them as invisible visitors to a ritual site…

Where are you? What do you see?

Dive deeper. Access to the inner core has been granted.

In January 2021 we will invite you to accompany us on this trip …"

“Thorns and Lilies” is the first single from the new album and is set for release on October 23rd, 2020 (10am CEST). The single will be available in all digital platforms worldwide accompanied by a music video produced by none other than Dennis Ostermann (In Strict Confidence).

Broken Wingsby Principe Valiente
2 October 2020 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1004

For the first time in the band’s history the Swedish Indie Rock/Shoegazers Principe Valiente published a cover version of a song. While working on their new album, the band were asked to contribute an interpretation of an 80’s commercial hit song for a compilation. When the compilation fell through the band decided to publish the cover version independently with their German label Aenaos Records.

Singer Fernando Honorato chose the song "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister, which appears on the soundtrack of the film Top Gun, since it had a personal meaning to him throughout his teen years. With electronic drums, synth bass, and almost no guitars the song is very different from the band’s usual sound but Principe Valiente took a welcome break from recording their new album; by lowering the tempo and experimenting with high-pitched vocals they morphed "Broken Wings" into a ballad.