End Of Iby Art Of Empathy
26 June 2020 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0014

10 years after the release of “Posthuman Decadence”, the Belgian artist ART OF EMPATHY returns with the album “End Of I”. Empathy reflects our social and moral nature and is broadly defined as the ability to understand, experience, and identify with the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others. Displaying empathy constitutes a form of art that enables people to connect with each other in a world where antisocial, selfish behavior is often not only encouraged but praised.

“Solitude is bliss, but strength is in numbers.” (AOE, 2020)

Sculpted out of acoustic guitars, dark synths, bombastic orchestration, and pounding percussion, skillfully carved with vocals ranging from intimate, hunting whispers to loudly chanting choirs, “End Of I” embodies a vision and a hope: that humans transcend the current individualistic way of life and attune to the whispers of other humans, species, and mother Earth, as we are all part of the same living network.

The essence and true sound of ART OF EMPATHY are reflected throughout the entire album, which is rich in lyrics and quotations and spans no less than 12 tracks and 71 minutes. “End Of I” may be a lot to digest in times when everything tends to be flashy and superficial, but any work that is poised to elicit self-reflection and re-evaluation is not for the faint of heart. “End Of I” was necessary and worth waiting for.

True to his character, ART OF EMPATHY has always used Creative Commons license and made all music, lyrics, and artwork available for free no matter how much time and effort were invested in them. His only request is that people share the music, so that it gets a chance to reach all those who will see themselves in and get inspired by it.

“People search for authenticity and durability in a world that is full of falsehood and volatility. And music will always have a compelling power that nothing else can match.” (AOE, 2020)

“End Of I” is so unique in and of itself that Aenaos Records decided to offer a tangible experience of the album by publishing a Limited Collector’s Edition: a hand-numbered Media Book with 32 pages of artwork and lyrics limited to 100 units.

The Media Book can be pre-ordered directly at or at Bandcamp and the order includes a free download version of the album. “End Of I” will be officially released on June 26th.

Where Souls Shine Brightestby Art Of Empathy
08 May 2020 · Aenaos Records

This is the first track of the album 'End Of I', by Art Of Empathy. The album will be available exclusively on our website as a special Limited Mediabook Collector’s Edition (100 copies).

Martyrby Shearer
17 April 2020 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1003

It’s been many years ago since the Alternative Rock Band Shearer from Berlin released new music. The current beginning of the end of the world was reason enough for them to stop procrastinating and once again focus on doing what they do best: writing songs about the human society.

With their new song "Martyr" Shearer show how impressively competent, effective, and cruel Homo Sapiens can be when he wants to gain personal advantages. Fortunately, there are also exceptional examples, such as Chelsea Manning, who have understood that humans are perfectly capable of cooperation, selflessness, and modesty.

Shearer hope the human race has the strength to delay the inevitable end long enough for them to release their new songs about the apocalypse - It would be a shame if nobody was around to hear them anymore.

Goodbye In Julyby BlackieBlueBird
26 March 2020 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0013

BlackieBlueBird are now back with their second album "Goodbye in July" which leverages the dreamy romanticism but preserves the melancholy of their first work. Lead by the delicate and enchanting voice of Heidi Lindahl "Goodbye in July" comprises 11 songs of desire, love, life, and losses written by the experienced composer Nils Lassen.

The duo received great reviews worldwide for their debut album "Ghost River", where their sound has been compared to Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads" and Enya.

All songs are written and produced by Nils Lassen. The album is a cooperation among T&E Records, Poisonic, and Aenaos Records.

Some Place Far Awayby The Search
6 March 2020 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0012

THE SEARCH are back with the second and final part of a retro-inspired journey that started in 2018 with the album “A Wave from the Sidelines”; the band’s new work skillfully blends melodic pop sensibilities with reverberated sound landscapes. With “Some Place Far Away”, Razmig Tekeyan – the founder and currently sole member of THE SEARCH – offers a ten-track dose of escapist pop music and invites everyone to indulge in his world.

“Some Place Far Away” is a collection of songs originally written on an acoustic guitar that Razmig Tekeyan has been working on over a long period of time. Some of them date back 20 years and, had they been recorded at that time, they would have sounded very different since the band’s early work was dominated by 80’s-influenced new/dark wave and indie rock sound. 10 albums later he once again replaces the guitars with synthesizers to conclude his love letter to the sound of the 80s.

“Some Place Far Away” is more than an 80s revival and presents new sides of the traditional genre of Synthpop without carrying relics of the past into the new decade. It’s an album for daydreamers who allow themselves to become lost in their own thoughts and enjoy a faithful companion along the way.

The album was recorded and produced by Razmig Tekeyan in the band’s own studio in Uppsala (Sweden) and mastered by Tommy Steuer (TS-Musix Studios, Leipzig – Germany).

Basement Sessionsby Emerald Park
21 February 2020 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1002

One of northern Europe’s most successful bands releasing music under a Creative Commons license is back after 5 years of silence. Emerald Park will be releasing their brand-new EP “Basement Sessions” in two versions: as a traditional 5-track digital version and as a Creative Commons 4-track version.

The easiest way to describe Emerald Park of 2020 is as a collective where the singer/songwriter Tobias Borelius is at the center and choreographs the band’s moves. Different producers and studios have been involved in the making of “Basement Sessions” during the last year and that has resulted in 5 songs with varying identities although the vocals, lyrics, and emotional state in the songs are all the same; you will recognize the constant presence of melancholy but somewhere along the way happiness appears within reach. The lyrics are all about the feeling of being misplaced and searching for something else, something bigger in life.

“Rules Don’t Apply”, which was released as a single last summer and is now remastered, is the most electrified and energetic track of the EP (recorded by Linus Lindvall and Mattias Larsson of Cub&Wolf and mixed by Daniel Gunneberg of Emerald Park), while “The Haze”, “Decease”, and “Bigfoot” are the most melancholic songs (mixed and recorded by Daniel Gunneberg). The fresh version of “Bigfoot” and a new track called “Agnes of the North” are the two tracks that have really caught the essence of Emerald Park.

Basement Sessions (CC Version)by Emerald Park
21 February 2020 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1001

The easiest way to describe Emerald Park of 2020 is as a collective where singer/songwriter Tobias Borelius is in the centre and pulls the strings. Different producers and studios have been involved in the making of Basement Sessions during the last year. This has resulted in 4 songs with different identities but the vocals, lyrics and the emotional state in the songs are al the same. You will recognize the constant melancholy but somewhere around the corner happiness is in reach. The lyrics are all about the feeling of being misplaced and searching for something else in life. Or maybe the grass isn’t greener on the other side?

Black Dogby (((S)))
27 September 2019 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0011

The mysterious (((S))) returns from the cold and windy streets of Copenhagen with the brand-new album “BLACK DOG”.

As always with (((S))) his music has its roots in postpunk, though this time the songs are longer, with more instrumental passages and a minimum of lyrics. “BLACK DOG” comprises a collection of 8 songs in which (((S))) along with Denmark’s finest backing musicians take you through dark soundscapes of drowning guitars, solid drumbeats, and sparkling bass interwoven with spare, distorted vocals begging for understanding.

A Song for Bad Sectorsby The Silence Industry
23 August 2019 · Aenaos Records · X-XV1000

3 years after releasing “the hidden album (~/.tsi/)”, the Canadian project THE SILENCE INDUSTRY is back with the new album “A Song for Bad Sectors”.

Even though the production of the album was delayed (due to a hard drive crash in 2017 in which the drum programs for the album were lost and to which the title is a partial reference), THE SILENCE INDUSTRY continued to develop their own, unique sound and deliver what is possibly their darkest, most complex and refined work to date. Unlike many of their releases, “A Song for Bad Sectors” is a full-length album comprised of 7 songs and 3 ambient/noise works.

Rules Don't Applyby Emerald Park
12 July 2019 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0999

One of Northern Europe’s most successful bands releasing music under a Creative Commons license, Emerald Park are back after about 4 years of silence. Emerald Park found their audience on the dark side of the internet when they released the album “For Tomorrow” (2008) as a free download back in 2010 – a choice that has given them almost 8 million listeners and over 1 million downloads at Thousands have also enjoyed their music in commercials and YouTube videos with various themes. This success brought Emerald Park to the Midem Festival in Cannes and led them to gigs in London (The Cavern), Hamburg, and Amsterdam – just to name a few.

The band hit the pause button in 2016 but are now back with their brand-new single “Rules Don’t Apply”.

Oceans (Deluxe)by Principe Valiente
21 June 2019 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0010

On 21st of June, 2019 we will be reissueing Principe Valiente’s highly acclaimed album “Oceans” originally released in 2017. The new special edition comes in a redesigned 6-panel-digipack with all original recordings plus all remixes and versions previously only available as download remastered by Tommy Steuer at TS-Musix Studios, Leipzig (Germany).

Mitt i Bildenby Silvermannen
7 June 2019 · Aenaos Records · X-XV0009

Silvermannen is the solo project of Emerald Park’s1 singer and songwriter Tobias Borelius. His new musical journey “Mitt I Bilden” (“In the Middle of the Picture”) gives an insight into his life: while the body resides in Malmö, the heart remains in Småland.

The Swedish lyrics are rich in personal issues and experiences. In “Öland” a relationship is in crisis and in “Kullarna” it gets resolved, “Gryning” focuses on the stress of the everyday life, and “Mr. Hyde” shows the dark side that can surface when this emotional strain becomes overwhelming. The lyrics also deal with social matters, as in the songs “Vi Kan Vänta” (“We Can Wait”), which is about children with autism, and “Tidigt i May” (“Early in May”), which is a statement for humanity sprung from the neo-Nazi demonstrations before the last elections in Sweden.

There is no easy way to define Silvermannen or assign the compositions to a genre. Highly influenced by artists like Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Yazoo, and The Church, Tobias found his own unique way to express his creativity and feelings in his music.