Wildest Flowersby Principe Valiente
28 April 2017 · Aenaos Records · AFM-DL1145

Two weeks before its official release, the Swedish post-punk / shoegaze band Principe Valiente unveil “Wildest Flowers”, one more song from their new album “Oceans”. This time the title track is accompanied by a remix from the Stockholm based musician ‘Big City Bright Light”, as well as another remix by the dark pop/electro band New Canyons.

The single is available from Friday 28th of April onwards at the bands Bandcamp page, iTunes and Spotify.

Strangers In The Nightby Principe Valiente
10 March 2017 · Aenaos Records · AFM-DL1144

After their outstanding self-titled debut album (2011) and the breathtaking subsequent album “Choirs of Blessed Youth” (2014), the Swedish post punk / shoegaze band lead by Fernando Honoratio, true to their vision, continues to carve out its own unique musical path.

As a first glimpse of their new album “Oceans”, to be released in early May, the new song and video "Strangers in The Night" was revealed on March 10th. The song is produced and mixed by the band themselves and the accompanying video is made by Swedish director Jacob Frössén, who among other things created the acclaimed documentary films "En film om Olle Ljungström" and "Henric De La Cour" in Sweden.

As B-sides to the single, there are two remixes made by the Swedish synth producer Mister Monell, and by the dark pop/electro band New Canyons Chicago who made the song ready for the dancefloor.

M Ʌ L V Sby Golden Apes
25 November 2016 · Aenaos Records · AFM-CD072

M Ʌ L V S is departure.
With their 8th studio album M Ʌ L V S, Golden Apes have again widened their horizons by extending the scope of their sonic language and by adding a new layer on the canvas of their music.

M Ʌ L V S is interference.
In its 13 tracks the band sounds more versatile and more experimental than ever before.
If they used to deny stylistic borders so far, now they simply ignore them to grant every song it´s proper setting, it´s atmospheric biotope.

M Ʌ L V S is faith.
There´s the leaden sweetness of songs like “Shadowplay”, the vast claustrophobia of “Drown”, “Verity”´s surging energy, the spare dignity of “Correlation” or the disguised melancholy of “Halving Moons”…It is the ambient scope that marks the poles of M Ʌ L V S, the diversity of percepts that is the album’s DNA. And that is the only direction selected.
In the end you might label it Goth Rock, name it Darkwave or brand it Post-Punk, but you better call it music that churns and calms, music that consoles and agitates, music that can touch you while passing in the distance. Music that fills your heart with honey and nails.

M Ʌ L V S is correlation.
Arisen from the essence of the last four years, M Ʌ L V S seems to reflect upheavals and contemplations of the band’s macrocosm in the same way that it appears to mirror departures and homecomings on an interior level, bind transition to reliability, take memories to new places.

M Ʌ L V S is deliverance.
Never before has the band worked in such a self-contained and autonomous way, has avoided any kind of external involvement during the recording and mixing process, has skirted practices for new influences, like the guest-singing of The Frozen Autumn´s Froxeanne, and has refused any offers that would have resulted in a limitation of the time the album’s genesis was going to take.

American Innocence (Pts. 1 & 2)by (((S)))
28 September 2016 · Poisonic

The new digital only release by (((S))) - "American Innocence" (Parts I & II) – is a poetic album about two American innocent subcultures.

Part I: SUNSET PARK - On a background of jangling mandolins, lapsteels and guitars (((S))) takes you on a cinematic journey through the small backwood stages of rural America’s outdoor music parks in the 50’s and 60’s. The intimate, $1-a-carload picnic concerts at ‘Sunset Park’ was a stopover for many of the touring country acts such as Johnny Cash, Stanley Brothers and the early Dolly Parton. Out in the woods there was a wooden stage some benches and a single microfone. As there was no backstage area, the audience was as close as they could be to the biggest stars of the day. In this peaceful nonalcoholic afternoon atmosphere, it was like there was no boundries between the performer and the audience.

Part II : PACIFIC VIBRATIONS - In the vacuum after World War II and the consuming angst ridden times of the A bomb and coldwar mindsets – a group of young men dropped out of society in search of the next wave. Like some sort of Dharma bums they lived on nothing, travelling up and down the Californian coast and later on to the then unknown Hawaiian beaches. At the same time as the beatpoets Ginsburg, Kerouac, Burroughs etc were travelling the continent, writing their now world famous books, these surfer guys just wanted to feel the vibrations of the Pacific Ocean. Wordless dreamers of the wipe outs. Later on this subculture was commercialized in music and movies and of course lost it’s fundamental purpose in the transition. This piece of music is an hommage to these surfers and their wavedreams.

"American Innocence" has been recorded and produced by (((S))), at Everyday Studios (Copenhagen), the audio mastering was done at TS-Musix studio (Leipzig / Germany). The album has been released as a digital download set by the German label PoiSonic in 2016.

Verity (Single Version)by Golden Apes
25 August 2016

Songs About Losersby The Search
24 June 2016 · Adora · Adora02

Listening to the Swedish band THE SEARCH will bring back the sound of your best memories…

The band was originally formed under the name “The Silverslut” in 1999 and they recorded 6 EPs before evolving into THE SEARCH in 2004. The group has since released 6 studio albums and has faced many changes in their line-up until it was eventually reduced to a trio shortly before the release of their record “Our Need for Solace” (2014).

Their new album “Songs about Losers” comprises 17 dark/dream pop tracks that remind us of The Smiths and many other British guitar bands of the 80s. Nevertheless, THE SEARCH’s minimalistic sound is modern and authentic, providing the perfect ambiance for their emotion-filled stories to unfold. Heart and soul of THE SEARCH is Razmig Tekeyan, a talented musician who once again proves his ability to embrace plenty of life’s experiences and blend them into his compositions and lyrics.

Their new album “Songs about Losers” was recorded and produced in the band’s own studio and mastered by Magnus Lindberg in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Songs about Losers” may not change the world as we know it but listen to it with an open mind and you may be surprised.

~​​/​​​.​​tsi/ (the hidden album)by The Silence Industry
16 January 2016 · Aenaos Records · AFM-DL1147

"The Hidden Album" (also known by its' alternate title "~/.tsi") was initially released in 2016. It sees the Silence Industry developing their unique sound in a rawer, unpolished direction with piercing guitars colliding with staccato drum machine rhythms to the steady hammering of effect drenched electric bass. Tracks include "Neonblack", "This Zero Hour", and the otherworldly "On Feathered Wings".

Carcrashby (((S)))
24 July 2015 · Poisonic

2015 digital only EP "Carcrash" by (((S))). The one-man-band (((S))) from Denmark gained great success with its conceptual Post Punk / Psychedelic album 'Welcome To The Heartland' in 2014. As a successor, the 4 tracks on the new "Carcrash" EP reveal the sound spectrum of darksounding rocksongs with a spice of 60’s psychedelic garage up to minimal electronic influences.

GO​!​GO​!​GO!by Emerald Park
23 June 2015

In 2015, Emerald Park have taken on a somewhat more divergent musical persona; it’s not wholly different than the band who recorded those earlier records, but it certainly feels like a band more enamored with this idea of transformation as a viable means of creative expression. For their latest record, “Go! Go! Go!,” which was recorded in Gunneberg’s basement, as well as in the studios of Ola Frick and Carl Granberg, the band is still working within the same musical wheelhouse, but for the most part, they’ve left the acoustic guitars and ukuleles sitting on the studio floor. In their place, they’ve brought out a collection of Moogs, electric guitars, and various synthesizers to go along with lyrics that strive for a more instinctive and meditative tone than on previous outings.

Des Dossiers De Mémoireby Golden Apes
31 January 2015 · Aenaos Records

“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.” [Oscar Wilde]

Golden Apes – “Des Dossiers de Mémorie…” is a reflection of the band’s work from 2000 until October 2014 when “The Langsyne Litanies”, their latest and highly praised acoustic album was released.

“Des Dossiers de Mémorie…” is a 21 track compilation available for FREE download.

Welcome To The Heartlandby (((S)))
5 December 2014 · PoiSonic · AFM-DL1142

"Welcome To The Heartland" is a postpunk/psychedelic concept album by the anonymous one man band (((S))) (Ungoogable- S) from Denmark.

The eight regular dark sounding rock songs (with a spice of 60’s psychedelic garage) are intertwined with soundscapes introducing a retrospective narrative.

The speaking voice guides us through the fluctuations of life in the arcane Heartland; 43 years captured in a 43-minute long letter in sound like an audio outtake from your favorite dark novel!

"Welcome To The Heartland" is released on December 5th on PoiSonic and distributed by Altone Distribution (digitally only).

The Langsyne Litaniesby Golden Apes
31 October 2014 · Aenaos Records · AFM-CD071

After "Riot", the latest official output from 2012, the GOLDEN APES will release "The Langsyne Litanies" on October the 31st at last, for clearing the way for things to come.

Inspired by their acoustic tour earlier that year the band chose 5 personal favourites from their canon to reinterpret them while looking back and rearrange them while taking a step forward, deliver them from the chronological dust and restructure their tonal nucleus. By using mainly acoustic instruments, like classic guitars, percussions, a cello, flutes and even a tuba (sic!) the process bore a soundscape wherein familiar sounds reflected in a new way, sloughed aurally and detached from any tense.

Including 3 brand-new tracks "The Langsyne Litanies" became more than the planned EP, but an album that mirrors the band's versatility and their many facets in an unusual and impressing way.

"The Langsyne Litanies" will be available as an limited edition (restricted to 333 copies) only.