Black Box EPby Emerald Park
3 May 2013 · afmusic · AFM-DL1121

A year after the home produced Absolute Zero Emerald Park is back with the studio produced "Black Box EP". The sound is familiar from previous releases - indiepop with a touch of melancholy, Martina and Tobias voices in harmony and quirky lyrics. The recording procedure differs somewhat from earlier recordings. Song form, arrangement is this time the product of a collaboration where everyone in the band were equally involved. When coming to the studio everything was settled. The idea has been - what you hear in the headphones is also what you will hear on stage.

Emerald Park can be traced back to 2002. In the ten years since the band has made a musical journey through different genres, from from powerpop to today's hybrid of lo-fi, Stephen Merrit, indie, Americana and Indie Canada. The band has garnered a huge success with the songs licensed as Creative Commons. Over 2 million listens and downloads on sites like, Bandcamp and and Youtube Licenses for example, One Direction, Mexico State, and 100's of extreme sports practitioners speak for themselves.

Things EPby Emerald Park
7 April 2013 · 23 Seconds Netlabel · [sec.078]

The "Things EP" is a collection of great songs taken from the album "Absolute Zero", b-sides and the upcoming "Black Box EP".

Riotby Golden Apes
30 November 2012 · afmusic · AFM-CD047

It's no contingency that RIOT is an unusual simple title for a Golden Apes album and it is no contingency as well, that meanwhile the 7th studio album of the Berlin-based Gothrockers sounds noticable direct and resolute. Because the last two years were a time of continuous change and alteration, of upswing and shift for the band.

And so Riot is caesura and conclusion similarly, last point and new chapter. It is the musical essence of a band, that never brooked catchyness and artistic standards as an incoherency and which remains true stylistically to itself, but defines itself anew over and over again.

Musical basement of the sextette are catchy melodies, woven in a texture of strong guitars, elegiac sound landscapes and dark, melancholic vocals, on which pictographic, surreal lyrics build up, that form a lyric full of mystic and disturbing fascination between dream and reality, philosophy and trivial emotions.

The Maw Of Sleepby The Silence Industry
25 September 2012 · afmusic · AFM-DL1112

Since 2007 the Canadian Graham J., mastermind of the band, bestows us again and again with releases, that blast off a lot of musical borders. Noise, Progressive Rock, Post Punk, Gothic Rock, even a pinch of pop is part of the music. That oneself can merge all those styles successfully to a top quality album, is proven once more with “The Maw Of Sleep” by THE SILENCE INDUSTRY. Familiar quality meets new ideas and gets packed into the mentioned alloy, to offer a firework of this unique music to old as well as new fans.

The Moon Is My Sunby (((S)))
21 September 2012 · afmusic · AFM-CD045

Meanwhile known as a chameleon of retro-music, (((S))) start out once more to open up new areas with their music. Precisely said, the newest work "The Moon Is My Sun" is settled in the areas of minmal-synth-wave, that had its high between 1978 and 1983, until 1984 the Lynn-drums were invented and "ruined everything".

Who thinks of this era, will remind of a lot of bands... Who thinks of bands of this era, will end up with thinking of New Order very quick and who listens to "The Moon Is My Sun", will know, that this relation actually applies to this album. Because, what (((S))) offer on their new longplayer, is exactly that kind of synth-wave, that oneself knows out of the best years of this band.

But here noone just copies, but own ideas get perfected by the New Order-sound, to deliver an album to the friends of this era, which makes them revel in memories, beams them back into this era and shows, that even today it’s possible, to revive the beloved, old sound.

Alive/Dieby (((S)))
31 August 2012 · afmusic · AFM-DL1110

Meanwhile well-known as a chameleon of retro-music, (((S))) start once again, to unlock new realms with their music. So the new songs shift in the realms of minimal-synth-wave, which had it’s high time between 1978 and 1983, until 1984 the Lynn-drums were invented. A time, when bands such as New Order enchanted millions of people with their unique, distinctive sound. The now appearing single "Alive/Die" stands representative for this sound and will be perfected by 3 experimental remixes of known Danish artists.

Staying Alive In A Country Industrializedby The Search
27 April 2012 · afmusic · AFM-CD034

After their dreamlike-melancholic success album "The Search for Connection Contact And Community" in September 2011, THE SEARCH return with a new line-up and album. While the rather silent and melancholic tunes were dominating on the forerunner, the new album "Staying Alive In A Country Industrialized" builds the bridge to the early days of the Swedes.

Survive? In a world, permanently getting faster and more industrialized this doesn’t seem so easy. The woebegone experience to feel alone in a world dominated by humanity, the head and songwriter Razmig Tekeyan had to make. Not least due to this the last album came out so melancholic. More than three years passed by, since the forerunner "Saturnine Songs". Unplanned and pressed by the quest for meaning and losses, because all, except drummer Pelle, left the six-headed formation, to concentrate on other duties.

So much better is, that "Staying Alive In A Country Industrialized" forms the perfect sequel of The Search’s story in its content as well as in the music. The will to survive appears within the whole work, love, romance and subtle humor season the songs and the retro-sounds in a way similar to Wave- and Rock-classics such as The Cure or Joy Division replenish the lusty indie pop perfectly.

The Search stay themselves and have proven once more, how develop-able they are. The band is only a quartet, but the difference is barely sensible. Reduced to the basics, musically stronger and closer to their own roots and grown in life with a lot of own experiences. Two albums within less than one year give the power as well as the upcoming tour, on which The Search will play in Germany more often as before.

Absolute Zeroby Emerald Park
30 March 2012 · afmusic · AFM-CD032

Taking a seat on the armchair, headphones on, eyes closed and then end the day with relaxed music? This dream, in our hounded times, could become true with the new album "Absolute Zero" of the swedish Indie pop band EMERALD PARK from the end of March on.

While on the forerunner "For Tomorrow" the rather rock-ish sounds dominate, so the new singles "Reality Bites" (2011) and "Things" (2012) suggest, that this sounds make place for more relaxed and rather organic sounds. On the 11 track album the swedes prove once more, that they have an amazing intuition for soft Indie pop with feathery scandinavian melancholy.

And so "Absolute Zero" becomes a stroke for soul and ears and will be responsible for goose skin on a lot of fans. For further risks and side effects we recommend to ask the record salesman of your trust or the DJ in the Indie club.

Thingsby Emerald Park
27 January 2012 · afmusic · AFM-DL1092

Sometimes music business isn't only confusing for outsiders. Often enough it offers surprises for industry experts, too, which show oneself again, that success is neither foreseeable, nor predictable. Afterwards the album title "For Tomorrow" (2008) from Emerald Park seems like a prophetic hint on that, which should happen in the following years.

Booked as a decent result in the following year, the album experienced the approval to become a download under a free license and the collaboration of the two Net-Labels afmusic and 23 Seconds Records a refreshing second spring in 2010. This could've been dismissed as a mayfly, if there hadn't been the single "Reality Bites" in 2011 that started like a musical rocket with an altitude flight and landed on the iTunes sales charts within the first weeks after the release.

And so there's just to keep in mind, that indie bands from the Scandinavian peninsula, as opposed to a lot of colleagues from the Anglo-American language area, stand out with their light-feeted compositions sparkle seemingly without difficulty out of the speakers and caress the audience's ear canals. And so there is no need for a prophet, to predict a similar success for the upcoming single "Things" of the musical collective from Malmö.

Principe Valienteby Principe Valiente
21 October 2011 · Parismusic · PARISMUSIC 015

Principe Valiente's debut album finds the band fulfilling the promises of their achievements to date. The Stockholm based band has in a short time gained a reputation for their live shows and are the subject of an increasing interest in their material in clubs and social networks on the internet. Their sound may partly be the result of a variety of elements inspired by the minimalism of certain post punk acts and the lushness of shoegaze, but is primarily characterized by an ambition to break new sonic ground.

This combination of innovative and inspired material makes for an invigorating listen as it is difficult to pinpoint in regard to genre. As a result, their music has frequently been labelled "dark pop", a description that sums up the sonic qualities reminiscent of bands as diverse as The Sisters of Mercy, The Sound, Interpol and Suede.

The music video for the newly released "The Night" has been rotating on german television (topped the Pop10 video chart week 47 & 49) and the band's eponymous 2007 EP has been played on the radio and by DJs around Europe. The EP has also received good reviews on the other side of the pond. As the album has been greatly anticipated, the material has been meticulously scrutinized for the full length effort, work that has resulted in a conceptually and sonically consistent album throughout. Songs like “One More Time” and “New Life” are hypnotic, energetic and powerful and even though the songs work very well in their own right the record is structured enough to create a rewarding album context for the songs as well. (Mikael Saltzman 2011)

The Search For Connection Contact And Communityby The Search
30 September 2011 · afmusic · AFM-CD023

Sweden 12 points! What THE SEARCH from Uppsala on "The Search for Connection Contact and Community" deliver, is finest Indie pop laced with Rock, which, without any problems, is at home in the same league as Shout Out Louds, The Mary Onettes, Jeniferever and others. Light-footed and full of enjoyment the guitars and keyboards relaxing dance through the room. But always looking out for solid leg work and never losing the grip to the ground of drums and bass. So the manual and technical experienced ensemble is following the melancholic voice of the singer without drifting away into exaggerated gloom.

THE SEARCH especially show the courage to the emotion, to the eally huge feeling, but without getting lost in kitsch. The Swedes also can switch to attack and pull through some straight rock riffs. Everytime, when oneself gets spun into the melody's beauty and the silent melancholy. "The Search for Connection Contact and Community" is a solid, slightly dark pop album, without skirmish, without twirls, but brilliant in it's creative interplay and touching in its elegiac emotions. Beyond hilarious chart songs, dummy elevator music and cloned plastic music, THE SEARCH show, that sweden comes up with awesome indie pop once more. Because life is too short for boredom.

As a soccer team, THE SEARCH would be a dream. As musicians they're just brilliant.

The Silverslut 2000​-​2002by The Search
28 June 2011 · afmusic · AFM-DL1079

It’s been quiet for a while around the swedish indie-rocker THE SEARCH. After the successful album “Saturnine Songs” in 2008, the first germany gigs and a few line-up changes, the congenial boys from the beautiful Uppsala are back with the 6-CD download compilation “The Silverslut 2000-2002”.

Between 2000 and 2002 The Search, back then called THE SILVERSLUT, recorded 6 EPs and released them in small DIY-editions. On the first two EPs “The Silverslut” (2000) and “Arctic Gold Days” (2000) some songs are still sung in swedish. Both EPs bring up the charme of older recordings, which show the band’s first steps in an adorable way.

Already with the third EP “Friday Saturday” it was already in the same year very clear, which changes the band has made in a very short time. The EP was very consistent with a central theme. With “Travoltol” (2001) it was successful to keep this improvement and so the EP was all about sex thematically.

On “Dancing in The Winter Sky” (2002) the band broke with their previous sound and all songs were created on the bass guitar. The sounds became less organic, but the beats much more rhythmic. And the band followed this trail faithfully with their last EP under the flag of SILVERSLUT - “Cosmetic Rock” (2002) - and some of the then created songs were also used for later THE SEARCH albums.

And while the band renamed into THE SEARCH in 2003, these 6 EPs were always mentioned as the first releases of the band and were available as a free download on for a long time. Due to the fact, that for example “Quash”, a song about love, horniness, despair and cowardice, “Juno”, a very cool song taken their name from the synthesizer of the former keyboard player Tina, “Me And Ritva And Some Cheap Scotch” or “Chloe” as timeless favourites are on this compilation. Mastermind Razmig decided to release the collection as a download compilation officially, to get over the time until the next THE SEARCH album will be released in autumn.